Invitation for sealed bids - supply, delivery and commissioning and training of Web Application Firewall (WAF) Bank Published on Oct 25, 2021

Notice regarding Disposal of Assets Published on Oct 25, 2021

17th AGM (Second) Notice Published on Oct 25, 2021

ISB-Interior works at Sanima Capital Published on Oct 22, 2021

Re-invitation for sealed bids-supply and implementation of Terminal Security Application Published on Oct 21, 2021

Interest rate notice-Kartik 2078 (Revised) Published on Oct 21, 2021

House requirement notice Published on Oct 19, 2021

Interest rate notice Kartik 2078 Published on Oct 17, 2021

ISB-Data Center Published on Oct 11, 2021

17th AGM Notice Published on Oct 09, 2021

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सानिमा नागरिक बचत खाता

सानिमा नागरिक बचत खाता नेपाल राष्ट्र बैंकको "बैंक खाता खोलौं - २०७६" अभियान अन्तर्गत एक नयाँ निक्षेप योजना हो । यस बचत खाता ती ग्राहक/नेपाली नागरिकहरूलाई लक्षित गरिएको छ जसको कुनै बैंक खाता छैन।

  • Minimum Balance: Zero
  • Interest payment: Quarterly
  • To be offered to: Individuals only

Additional Features

  • Free Issuance of I Banking for the first year
  • Free Fund transfer throughout the country within Sanima

Other features

  • Bank shall deposit NPR 100.00 in the account of the individual opened under the scheme.
  • Copy of Citizenship/ Valid Passport/ Voter ID/ Valid License/ National Identification Document with photo/ or any valid Government id with photo
  • Eligible for natural person

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